Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where'd she go?

Fall is the busiest time of my work year, as I've mentioned, and I'd not posted much this fall because of the limits in my time.  Once things started to lighten up I somehow landed with a pinched nerve in my shoulder a few weeks ago.  Who knows how?  Probably lifted my coffee cup wrong or something.  Anyway, it gets quite aggravated by long periods at the computer and riding my bike.  Since I'd rather ride my bike every day rather than write about riding my bike, I've opted to only be at the computer for work and not at all other times. 

So, aside from work and messing up my shoulder, I've not been up to much of anything...except putting the Christmas lights on my bike.  I realize that this post is completely worthless without pictures so I'll take some just as soon as possible.  This is my third year with the lights and  I absolutely LOVE the reactions I get.  People roll down their windows at stop lights/signs to comment and wish me Merry Christmas.  I get lots of thumbs up and nearly every single person I encounter smiles big and wide. 

Until this shoulder thing heals I'll still be pretty much absent.  Here's wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!!


  1. yayy make lots of yummy bread! =)
    happy holiday season ♥xxomeli

  2. I hope your shoulder gets better soon. I can sympathize with that...