Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Alive!

I might come out of hibernation...might.  It's been an extremely busy winter filled with long hours at work and non-work time being filled with lots of cooking, wine, and cuddling with the kids.  And yes, biking.  Aside from several days of far too much ice on the streets, I'm continuing my daily commutes.

B1 turned 10...10!!  How the heck did that happen?  His afterschool time is busily spent in juggling class, Destination Imagination, building sets for his elementary schools production of King Lear and getting tutored in math.  Unfortunately, he got my badmath gene.

B2 turned six and is a prolific writer of simple fiction. That girl writes non. stop.  She and I are currently collaborating on a real live childrens book.  Just have to get the story finalized and ready for submission.  We'll see.  It's fun if nothing else.  I'd love some pointers from anyone who's been successful getting a kids book published. 

For motivation to be better about my non-commmute riding I registered for a the Denver Century in June.  I'll be leading the portion of my team dedicated to completing 100 miles minus Lookout Mountain.  I have done Lookout Mountain a few times.  I know I can get up the hill.  Coming down petrifies me.....serious, asthma attack inducing anxiety.  Why ruin a perfectly lovely day with a great big mountain only 25 miles into the ride, I say.

Gabe's Pies has grown from a one-off holiday venture to a growing, sustainable business with small net profits, just enough to make it worth his while.  He now has three regular weekly customers (a neighborhood market and two coffee shops) and an occassional as needed customer (a catering business.) 

Vivian is going to get a full overhaul of her drivetrain soon.  I'll likely go with new everything, just because.  I'm also getting ready to purge the garage of a few bikes including Mrs. Gale (on Craiglist now) and Irene Fenderbottom (going up soon.)

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