Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Strongly Recommend the Building of a Backyard Stage

People will come.  Some will play music, some will listen and sing along, some will dance and all will  have a glorious time!

Lighting test the night before Oneidapalooza 2011

The Too Late Bluegrass Band

Evergreen Hum


A Stick Ponies Reunion with The Baker on rhythm guitar

Friends Jamming

The Holmes Twins do Cake (with a little lyrical help from the interwebz)

And when the stage isn't being used as a stage, it will be our outdoor dining room ---- after a little exterior decorating, including the contruction of a unique and artful permanent cover complete with drapey shit, and some landscaping madness. 


  1. Totally wicked shindig! I left wishing I had a yard so I could have a stage too.