Saturday, October 15, 2011

Highs and Lows

Friday  morning I slept in a bit in anticipation of a 10am meeting with my mentor.  Why go into the office only to leave an hour later, I thought. It was a good thought.  Our session started with her saying to me, "You look exhausted and emotional."  Gee, is it that obvious?  At least I was having a good hair day.  We ended up having a very invigorating session and I headed out recharged and ready to finish a very tough week at work.....only to find my bike had a flat tire.  Sigh.

The Baker came to pick me up, since my bag was interestingly missing any tools (!?!?) and dropped me at the office.  I had a productive day which simply felt good.

At the end of the day I opted to walk to my kids' school to meet up with the fam.  It was a beautiful fall afternoon walk.  We stopped at a new sushi place for  dinner then home to chill in the back yard with a bottle of red.

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  1. It's always a relief after a hectic day to enjoy a walk or pootle on the bike isn't it?