Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm ashamed that I've not put many miles on this past year.  Last summer I started out strong with good training, a metric century, several 75 mile rides and an intended full century, which was thwarted by too much beer and sushi mid-way through the ride.  Priorities. 

This summer has been a season of nothing.  I've done a few quick 25 mile loops but nothing more and I've felt guilty about it all summer long.  What happened to me taking off work for the sole purpose of doing a good strong, long ride?  What happened to getting up early on a weekend day and taking off for a few hours of mom time?  I have the support of my boss (who, by the way, just qualified for her second go in the World Championships of X-Terra Tri's next year in China. Go Chief!) And I have the support of my family....but I've been nothing but lazy.

On Sunday I finally got off my butt and did 40 miles.  It was nice and I felt good enough when I returned to do a few hours of gardening.  Of course I was exhausted after that, but it was Sunday night and all I needed to do was hang low.  It was good to know I had the energy to go and could have gone longer.  I'll do a bump to 60 in a couple of weeks after I return from yet another trip to the heartland this week.  And then keep bumping up.  Maybe look to do a Thanksgiving Century with my brother?  We could take off early in the morning, leaving my mother and the Baker to cook, and return to a traditional turkey day spread after a long day of biking.  Hmmmm.....

Anyway, here are a couple of shots from my little ride.

Ran into an unpaved detour along the Cherry Creek Trail.  Most of it was fine but there was a treacherous little spot winding up a tiny bank where the ground was beyond loose.  I had to walk although many were riding it just fine.

After circling Cherry Creek Res, about 25 miles into my ride, I stopped at a shady little spot for a snack.

It was pretty peaceful, save the dozens of bikes whizzing by.  Several others took my lead and stopped as well in this spot, which is pretty common.  It's shady, quiet and has an acceptable view.


  1. You go girl! And, that view would definitely qualify as acceptable. ;)

  2. Hope you get to do some longer rides during Fall!

    I planned to do a century while on Cape Cod, but got sick after doing a metric century and stayed sick for the remainder of our time there! Disappointing, but sometimes things are how they are...