Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's Raining....Does that Mean Fall is Finally Here?

I had a meeting at Invesco Field yesterday and I knew it was likely to be raining in the afternoon but generally in Denver that means a quick storm that blows in fast and blows out fast.  The meeting was on the west side of the stadium complex and I could see the grey skies start to dump soon after I arrived.  Several hours later when I left, it was still raining, albeit lightly.  I always keep a couple of plastic bags in Vivian's bike bag in case of rain since she's equipped with Wald folding baskets.  I'd also brought along my rain slicker. 
It was a nice, wet ride home.  I enjoyed it because light rain for extended periods is so rare here.

Something that I took note of the whole way back was that folks in Denver rarely dress for the rain.  Lot of bikers, runners and folks just generally walking around but only a few wearing rain gear.  You just don't need it because the rains come and go fast and you dry off so quickly in the desert climate.  Love this place!


  1. Never got a drop at my house (I25 and Evans).

    BTW I still have one wine crate, if you want it. I used the other on my friend Mark's bike, recently. (Check my August 22 Two Wheels post, to see what it looks like.)

    Let me know. I have it set aside for you.

  2. Oh my, I'd forgotten about it! Let me check with my other half to see if he's still interested in it for one of the bikes.

    Crazy that you didn't get any. Normally that would be, well, normal. But this rain continued on for so long that it seemed the whole city must have been drenched. It rained on me the whole way from Invesco to my house in Park Hill.

  3. I have never lived in an area with that type of climate. Here is rains violently, and keeps going for a while. Or, it drizzles and keeps going for a while. But once it starts raining, it is almost never short.

    How were your elkhide grips after the ride?

  4. The elkhide seems to hold up fine to rain. It's gotten soaked a few times and I think it just helps it look more broken in.