Monday, November 15, 2010

Gabe's Pies!

Evidently word has spread of the superb eatability of The Baker's pies because one of the coolest neighborhood markets in Denver has asked him to provide all their pies for this holiday season. He's super excited, as are the dozens of customers who've gotten samples so far (many of whom, we're told, have declared it the best pie they've ever tasted!)

Orders can be place ahead of time at Spinelli's Market in Park Hill, Denver.  Or I suppose you can stop by next week and take your chances. 


  1. aaah that is so cool +yes this is worth the extra pounds :DDDD cant wait for more home-made goodies this holiday season!

  2. Not to blow my own horn but I made the BEST pumpkin pie I've ever made this year. I always find pumpkin a little blah and the last slice or two always seems to end in the compost.
    This year the trifecta of paula deen's base recipe (cream cheese instead of sweetened condensed milk) the cook's illustrated Vodka pie crust (magic) and a topping of pecan streusel was AMAZING.
    Worth trying even now that T-giving has come and gone.