Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall Keeps Hanging On

These pics were from a beautiful fall morning last week.  Light rain, mid-50's, perfect fall chill in the air.  It was wonderful!  Later that day heavy winds moved in and most of the leaves from these trees were blown far and wide, but we still have loads of trees turning. 

Heading off to work...

The long stretch to the office.  It was alike a tunnel of fire for several days.


We had a great Halloween with a fantastic party, thrown with friends.  Everyone had a fantastic time - young and old alike!

I won the Most Obscure Costume award.  Any guesses who I'm dressed as?


  1. Hi There! I'm guessing, either Cher or Morticia in a mini skirt? I'm trying to think of something more bike-related, but I'm stumped! I asked my husband what he thinks and he thinks you are a Modern Queen Victoria... are we close?? or are we way way off!!

  2. No guesses, I think you won that Obscure Costume award going away...

  3. I know!! (Because a friend dressed the same for my costume birthday party in July! Yes, she was ridiculously over hot, and her long hair had to be braided to be kept up!)

    LOVE IT!!

    Staunch Character!! <3

  4. I'm a fan of obscure costumes :) The word does not need another slutty maid or Lady Gaga.

    This has been a beautiful fall in my neck of the woods, too. Hopefully it keeps hanging on for a while longer.

  5. Your fall is beautiful! And, I love the costume... have to admit, had to see the video first! Happy Fall!

  6. love it - maybe a fellini film!? LOL
    and YAY for fall pictures :D