Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In Praise of the Sunroof

We had to buy a new car last week.  As much as I despised the minivan, I was sincerely hoping we could get three to five more years out of it.  But alas, the transmission was on its last leg, a common issue for minivans once they get on in years, and I refused to put another dime into it since the value was near to nothing and fading fast.  So, off we went to buy a new Honda CR-V, the car I was originally shopping for when we got the minivan.

Practically every one we found and liked had a sunroof and I was adamant that I wanted no part of any sunroof, a completely unnecessary luxury.  However, after a few weeks of car shopping (I hate car shopping!) I relented and got the sunroof.

I had to drive to work twice this week and I'll be gawd derned if opening that sunroof after a long day in the depths of museumland didn't give me a second wind just as strong as hopping on my bike does!

I may never drive a car withOUT a sunroof again. 

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