Sunday, June 12, 2011

We'll call it a metric century, m'kay.


Rest Stop #2 and a few of the Depot crew.

And, my finish.

I think I could have done the full 100 had my knee not started acting up. I felt like I had plenty of energy to make it, but the hills were killing my legs. It was actually not the usual knee issue, instead something that has plagued me only occassionally on the outside of the right knee.  A sharp pain with motion which eventually radiates down my leg and into my ankle.  The one other time it's happened, on the Elephant Rock metric century a couple of years ago, I adjusted my cleat and all was well.   But this time, no adjustments helped.  I believe it was the all the climbing that did it.

I'm happy with 71 miles though, considering the lack of training I've done.

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