Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's Finally Fall!

I had two goals for Sunday - a bike ride and thrifting.  So, in order to be as efficient as possible, I rode my bike to the thrift store.  I'd been wanting to check out a particular ARC which has been getting raves and it's about 15 miles, one way. Perfect!  The trees are finally starting to turn here in Denver and the entire route was through gorgeous, tree-lined streets.

City Park trees are lagging behind a bit.  Hopefully in a couple more days it will be "on fire".

Wash Park West

I saw several B-cycles.

Leaving Wash Park

Denver Country Club neighborhood.

Outside my office. 

Outside the Museum.

Lovely carpet!


  1. Great pics, and your stem shifters/leather bar cover look perfectly suited to your bike. Did the ARC store live up to expectations?

  2. It was pretty good and I scored several times over. It still doesn't beat the Unique Thrifts in Westminster and Aurora though.

  3. Sigh! The trees are beautiful!