Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Few of my Favorite Things

Two weeks ago we were winding up the auction which effectively got rid of all remnants of my childhood that we'd not packed up and moved to Colorado with my mother's things.  I did happen on a few very special gems on this final trip though.  Nothing of any monetary value but heavy on memories.

The Coleslaw Bowl
My grandmother always served slaw in this bowl, as did my mother.
Great Grandmother's mixing bowls.  I don't have any memory of these being used but my mother does.  We found them buried deep in the back of a storage closet in the utility room.  I'm sure they are leaching lead all over that salad but they're so beautiful!

A set of Pyrex mixing bowls which were a wedding present to my parents in 1961.  They've never been used and in fact, they were still in the box they came in with the gift ribbon still attached!

I'm a little embarrassed with this lamp.  I bought it at my mother's sale.  heh.  A neighbor put some things of her mother's in the sale and this amazing 1930's lamp of her grandparent's was among the loot.  I couldn't resist and for $10, why not!  It's colored glass with a piece of copper trim around the bottom and bakelite plug and bulb housing.  It looks perfect in my living room!


  1. Brand new Pyrex from 1961?? So jealous. And the lamp? I hate you right now.

  2. Those old dishes are awesome, especially with the memories attached. It's great to have comforting stuff like that around. And I like the lamp, especially for $10 :)

  3. I doubt green is leaching lead, it's usually the red and orange colours. That looks like a pretty stable copper (which is non toxic). (ceramics major once upon a time.....)
    I collected a set of pyrex bowls like that back in Canada, but here in Tokyo, they would run you at least $50 a bowl. Brand new like that, you could make a mint if you wanted, but I am sure they are better used and loved by you.