Saturday, October 23, 2010

Whew! Long day!

Just got home from a great day of talking up the Bike Depot, browsing bike stuff and buying a few things at VeloSwap.  It's one of those events where you really need to go with a purpose because there's just so much stuff.  Browsing can be mind-numbing.  I only walked through twice (takes a good hour to get all the way around) and was talking up the Depot and handing out donation cards so I didn't shop much, but that was fine.  I simply didn't have my $h17 together to do anything serious.  I spent the rest of the day selling Depot loot and gathering interest in our programs and services.

A few random pics....

Bike Depot Board Members and Volunteers talking up the merchandise.

The crowds!!

A stunning Rene Herse and a Boulder Bicycle.

Those Denver Cruisers, along with the folks at Kickstand magazine, know how to chill with style.

Arts n' Crafts...heh.

This guy is always present.  He sells sales samples of Merril and Chaco shoes for ridiculously cheap prices - $15 - $25.  If you're lucky enough to wear one of the limited sizes he has, you can score!

There's lots I didn't capture - The super high end mountain bikes were everywhere, as were road bikes, time trial bikes, cyclocross and on and on.  VeloSwap is a great place to get a slammin' deal on any ride - be it 50 years old or one year old.  Not to mention parts.  Parts, parts and more parts.

Another successful year and once I get my voice back and my feet stop throbbing I'll be ready for next year.

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