Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sunday's Orange Ride

You don't have to be a Broncos fan or even a football fan to appreciate this great event in Denver on Sunday!   Kudos to the Broncos and three cheers for Bike Denver and the Denver Cruisers!)



The first ever ORANGE RIDE will be on October 17, 2010 for Broncos Orange Sunday versus the New York Jets at 2:05 p.m. Denver celebrities will lead bicycle rides departing at 11 a.m. from four different locations throughout the City and converge at Invesco Field’s Broncos Barn, located outside the south side of the stadium. Please read the ORANGE RIDE poster for departure locations and times.

The Promotion and YOUR benefits: Orange Ride participants will gain free admission to the Broncos Barn ($8 value), where there will be food, drink, giveaways, and a chance to win Broncos prizes, including tickets to that day’s game. Plus, you’ll be able to kick back and watch the game (and earlier games) on their massive screen. Beers ($2 and Tacos $2) until Noon. Then the price goes up to $3, still a bargain! The event is designed to encourage fans and the bicycling community to ride their bikes to Invesco Field and enjoy a free pre-game celebration and another great experience at Invesco.

BikeDenver will operate the bike parking corrral next to the Broncos Barn. The bike corral will provide an enclosed area right by the stadium to park your bike. Please bring your bike lock! We’re looking for 60 volunteers to help out in three shifts of 20 (10am-1pm, 1pm-4pm, 4pm-7pm). No experience necessary. Volunteers get a free beverage at the Broncos Barn, a Denver Broncos t-shirt, and the opportunity to participate in one of the largest single-day bike parking corral events in Denver!

Guided bicycle rides to the event will be organized and led by the Denver Cruisers. Bicyclists who participate in these rides are encouraged to wear orange for the day and will be given Orange Sunday Game Day towels.

Most of the ORANGE RIDE locations are close to B-cycle stations. People who want to join the ride are encouraged to B-cycle for the event. Denver B-cycle will waive all usage fees for B-cycle users who ride the ORANGE RIDE.

Broncos and Sustainability : ORANGE RIDE is another example of the Denver Broncos leadership in promoting sustainable practices at Invesco Field. The team has one of the more forward-thinking recycling and energy-saving programs of any team in the National Football League.

For more details about Orange Ride or Orange Sunday, visit ‘’


In other news....I'm exhausted, thus my lack of posting.  Between the finale of my  mother's big move and being in the midst of my annual "busy time."  I'm barely keeping my head above water.  But I am biking a lot and spending a good deal of very quality time cuddling with my kids.  It keeps me sane and centered.  That and wine.  Wine really helps too.

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  1. that is so awesomeeee!! have fun :D
    wish more pro-teams will follow this example, I bet it will be a huge success in many of the sport-host cities.
    here the sf giants, the baseball stadium has bike parking valet ---- way coool :D