Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Comfort Food, Baby!

There's this dish we make around here which goes by many names. It's typically a little different each time we make it, which isn't too often because it's ridiculously rich and fattening.

It all started when I lived with D about 13 years ago.  We were perfect roommates!  We liked the same foods (and lots of them!)  We worked together, liked the same TV shows, held a similar sleeping schedule, enjoyed working out, and most importantly, we were both neat freaks.  Best roommate I ever had.

She taught me how to make enchiladas.  Over time we began mixing them up a bit.  Chicken, no chicken, red chili, green chili, veggies, no veggies, more veggies, and more veggies and more veggies.  It morphed into something of a southwest lasagna.  Whatever it was then and whatever it is now, it's ridiculously good.

First we cook up a pot of green chili.  We buy bushels of fire roasted green Hatch chilis each summer. Portion them into quart bags, freeze and we have sublime fire for a full year.  The chilis are transformed into hot nirvana stew.  Next, while the chili expands it's flavors, we saute veggies.  Lots of veggies!  Sometimes we cook the chicken in the chili.

We layer everything between flour  or fresh corn tortillas.  Tortilla - beans (on his side) - veggie mixture - chicken, chili, cheese.

We load the top up with lots of cheese and a little touch of the last of the chili and then, we bake.

And when it's done baking it looks like this.

And then when you put it on your plate to eat, it looks like this.


  1. I think you should bring some over for Buffy and I to taste test. Oh, and all those other people who live here. Looks amazing!

  2. I think it would probbly look bigger than that, if I was putting it on my plate. Looks delicious!

  3. That looks like something to try around here.
    Hatch chile roasters aren't very common in New England, but for some reason last year Whole Foods did Hatch Chile promotion, and brought them in (fresh). It would have been AWESOME if they'd also brought in a roasting trailer, but I bought a whole case (45 pounds), brought it home- on my bike- and roasted them on the grill and canned them. 45 pounds is a LOT of chile, and I need to get on with using them up. This might be a good way of doing that.