Friday, August 27, 2010

Too many bikes and not enough racks at my son's school this morning.  This photo shows only one rack (the one we're at) with a manageable number of bikes.  There are three others where bikes are literally piled and an additional bunch of bikes locked to each other and leaning against a wall.  Pretty easy solution though, more racks. 

This is a bold contrast to my daughter's school where there are two very long racks which could hold a total of about 30 to 40 bikes (positioned just right) and there are generally only two to four bikes. 

There are several issues with her school: many of the kids bus in, many of the kids have to cross a busy street with a short light (which parents report makes them uncomfortable for biking,) many of the kids don't have bikes.  The Baker is working from the parent angle with the school.  I'm working from an advocacy angle from my board work with The Bike Depot. Even though we are probably only going to be at that school for one year (then she'll return to my son's school), I hope we can help spark some change.


  1. Check out what I saw for bike racks at Boulder's Casey Middle School:

    It would seem that better bike parking at schools would be a good investment to support increased physical activity, not just for kids but their parents as well.