Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lookin' Odd but Feelin' Good

I've really been struggling with Mrs. Gale.  She's an absolutely beautiful bike but she's simply not that comfortable.   I've ridden her on short rides under five miles and longer rides around 25 miles and it's all the same, just awkward.  So last night I decided to do something that I knew would look odd but that might make her more comfy.  I flipped her north road style bars, a set-up I love on Irene (another older mixte.)
After a minor seat adjustment, the seas parted, the fog lifted and the ride was like a dream!  She simply wasn't mean to be an upright bike I guess.

Perhaps I'll add a rack and move the basket to the back?  We'll see.  While this look is odd I kind of like it....definitely unique!  I'm still contemplating those fenders.

Out on a test ride to pick up a few essentials - beer, hard cider and, umm, eggs.


  1. I don't think it looks odd at all, more like retro-race bars which suit her. I think I'd move the front basket too. But, she looks lovely and I bet it's a relief to fully enjoy her now.

  2. Oh, nice! And what are those grips?

  3. I'd be careful how you pack the eggs in the basket. In your picture, it looks like if the carton should flip open, all your eggs would be in the street. I've ridden with eggs in my panniers, seven miles from the store over bumpy roads, so it can be done. Those cartons are made to transport eggs in trucks. But I always put the carton level on the top.

    Nice bike, though.

  4. Moopheus - That was a very precarious ride for the eggs indeed. LOL! And the booze for that matter. The wooden bottom in my basket makes for a very rough ride. I actually typically get my eggs from work (a coworker who raises chickens) so I bike them home each week packed much better.

    Velouria - Those are simple cork grips stained with a combo of mahogany and walnut stains then shellaced. At first they were almost an exact match to the seat but over time they've faded a bit. I think when I replace them (one is torn on the bottom) I'll try and find a different solution. The shellac has cracked quite a bit and they aren't very durable.

    Thanks for the compliments! :-)

  5. You might be right about that basket. It looks as though you'd be leaning straight down into it!

    Looks lovely though. I wouldn't call it odd at all!