Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In which B1 rides, refuels and climbs.

B1 and I decided to take a little ride this morning.  It was just going to be a quick ride along the Sand Creek trail, hitting the Platte trail, stopping at REI then taking the Cherry Creek trail a ways until we decided to hop off and head home. Six hours later we got home. It was a good day.

August on the Front Range - hot and dry.

Plenty of shady spots though.

There's something a little creepy about riding this trail through the refinery.  We love it.

Unfortunately there wasn't a trail on our pass through today.  We like to hang under this bridge while the loaded coal trains rattle and shake just a few feet overhead. Kinda gets the adrenaline rushing.

Mr. Cool

A bridge to nowhere.

Ahhh, Confluence Park.  The meeting point for the South Platte River and Cherry Creek.  Great tubing and wading...if you trust the water.

No pictures without first talking to my agent!

Showing off mad skills on the REI climbing wall.

Making plans for back country camping.

Over to Salvegetti for some new hot yellow bar tape and browsing.

Elitch's and Mile-Hi Stadium in the background.

Bridge bike path.

Prettiest darn construction fence I've ever seen!  About 50 yards of fence decorated with crocheted flowers!

I was too busy dipping french fries in my chocolate milk shake to get a better shot of these two Penny Farthings.


The rest of the ride home (only four miles) was a bit slow.  My little Mister was tuckered out.  It was only 20 total miles but with all the hot, hot sun and frequent stops for fun distractions, his energy got zapped.


  1. This is awesome! That little guy is going to grow up to be super cool, thanks to you. I love to see a kid with a proper bike.

  2. we <3 bikes, your boy and mixtes
    and please no paparazzzi

  3. Thanks! I'm a proud mama for sure! I should do a post with his bike collection. Having a bike problem is evidently hereditary.