Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Day of Bike Stuff and Bake Stuff

While I was working on a major bike project...

The Baker was, well, baking!

My project turned out like this.

And his project turned out like this!

Homemade wheat bread and turkey with cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden.  YUM!


  1. Wow! What a difference. The drops just look soooo much better on her. She somehow looks more in proportion, and with those lovely silver shifters - very classy. I would never have credited it, 'cause she looked lovely before. Is it a bit like getting a new bike?

  2. i love the panniers! where did you get them?

  3. BB - Yes, I totally agree. She does look more in proportion.

    Hayley, The pannier is an old bag I bought from Army Surplus for $2! I added an Axiom hook replacement kit and it's perfect!

  4. That looks very nice indeed! I have the sew-on leather grips, but have been dreading installing them on my bike. How long did it take you? Since you've put them on several handlebar set-ups, I am guessing you like them?

  5. This is the same pair that was on the m-bars before. I got lucky in that the holes I cut for the brakes hit in the exact spot for these bars. How long to install? How long does "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell me Last"? About that long :-)

    Since this was my second time sewing them on it didn't take quite as long as the first time. Once you get the pattern down it's pretty easy and dare I say, fun. Fortunately, the holes in the leather are pretty forgiving to mistakes and you can easily back up to fix any missed steps.

    I like the look and I really like the feel. I'm not a fan of heavily padded bars but like something a bit more substantial than cloth. I'm not impressed with the durability though. While I realize it's leather and will scratch, it really doesn't take much to put significant gashes in the stuff. I guess that's the trade off for having super soft leather to ride on.

  6. Okay, I have now attached the Elkhides to the Porteur bars on my new mixte. What a mess. I tried to do the 2-needle stitching, but gave up and used my own stitch instead. The result looks great... as long as you don't see the stitching, which is, thankfully, hidden underneath the bars and not visible. I used black thread on mine rather than white (the darker brown grips), so the seam is nicely disguised. If I ever get my sewing mojo back (I used to be good at it! what happened?), I will eventually redo them using the nicer stitch.

  7. One of my coworkers did the same thing - ended up created his own stitch and it looks really good. I think you'll like the feel of them. Like I've mentioned, my only "complaint" is the durability, but that's the price for the nice soft leather.

    I've lost my sewing mojo too. I used to make incredible things! When I was 12 or 13 I made this two piece dress with inset lace, about 287 buttons ;-), a cummerbund, etc. I brought it back to Denver and just sat last night staring at the detail and hoping I can get that good again. It just takes time and practice like anything else. Now that my mom will be here with a nice spot to sew, where kids won't disrupt, I have great aspirations of getting good again!