Sunday, August 29, 2010

Groovin' to a Cover Band Covering Kid Rock, Covering Lynyrd Skynyrd and Drinkin' Ice Cold Bud

Yes, I'm back in the Heartland.  Could you guess from the post title?

  The family farm - a picture of a picture.  This is where my mother grew up and where I spent a good deal of my youth running, jumping and instigating all sorts of shenanigans.  I've not been to the farm for well over a year and we sold it earlier this year.  On Tuesday we plan to go for a little walk down memory lane.  The older parts of the farm (not pictured) are still in the family.

It's moving week and there is so much to do before the movers arrive.  It's going to be exceptionally busy and emotionally draining.  First, I'm going to get a good run in this morning (as soon as my coffee is gone) then it will be packing city!  I'm recovering from the street dance last night.  Nothing like groovin' on small town brick streets to a cover band and drinking Budweiser.


And....visit my new blog, 806 West Street.  
 You'll get all the info you need about buying this magnificent home in a charming small town in Iowa.  Ever dreamed of getting away from it all and living the good life?  Here's your chance!


  1. You're packing to move away from, not to Iowa, right? Looks like a nice house. It would cost several times as much if located in Denver.

  2. That's right. I'm moving my mother to Denver. This property would be worth a small fortune in our neighborhood in Denver.