Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Pannier Gods Looked Down Upon Me and said

"Ye shall have the well used army surplus pannier of your dreams." 
And it was so.....for $2 plus tax.

The light!

A little dirty but I simply couldn't wait to get it on.  It's in the washer now.

It's not actually hooked on yet.  I have an Axiom pannier hook kit I might use or I'll try and utilize some hardware already on the bag if I can find some hooks that will work with them.  I also need to attach some sort of carry strap.  I have a brown strap off another old canvas bag that I might get attached.  I'll need to either take it to a cobbler or find a friend with a super heavy duty sewing machine.

Thanks Ray Linkart (the faded name written inside) for abandoning this bag, thus allowing it to end up in a misc. bin at the Army Surplus off Pecos and the Boulder Turnpike.  I'm grateful.


  1. Looks great and is the perfect size/shape!


    What a great find.
    Much better than the minehaha option, IMHO

    One of my favorite parts of thrifting is when you find names and initials of previous owners. Some people might be creeped by too visceral a relationship with the previous owner, but I like to imagine them, and to me it makes it seem more like an heirloom than a think you'd buy at Target!

  3. Waaaay better than any new bag out there not only because I prefer the "used" look but also because of the thrill of the find!

  4. That's the same trift store at which I found the old red Cannondale pannier on the drive side of my commuter bike ($5.00). Now, if I could just come up with a matching bag for the other side...

  5. That is an excellent find, and just about a perfect size, too. Once you've cleaned it up, those cotton canvas bags take Scotchgard very well, and become much easier to keep tidy.

    It looks very good on the Swoopy Mixte.

    Corey K