Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bike Date!

Since the Bike Date activity on LGRAB 1, we vowed that all our dates this summer will be on bikes.  Last night the kids rather unexpectedly both ended up at sleepovers....AND I had my review at work this week (which was fantastic) AND I got some very good news about another churning thing so I was in the mood to celebrate.

So, The Baker and I headed out in search of yummy eats.  Our original intent was to head downtown and just ride around until we saw something that tickled our fancy, but somewhere along the way The Baker uttered the word "sushi" and I was done....

We headed to one of our trusty favs, Sushi Tazu in Cherry Creek. It's one of those places that doesn't get much fanfare, it's not a place to be, it's just a small sushi bar with a fantastic shady patio and consistently yummy food.

In the middle of ordering I remembered that my birthday is in a couple of days.  I tend to block these things out, not that I dislike growing older, I'm just not much of a birthday person most years.  In light of this revelation, we opted to order more food than necessary.

We started out with Sapporo's and a little octopus salad followed by some green muscles.  Next came the shrimp and vegetable tempura and gyoza.  Still ready for more we were happy to recieve the first round of sushi - hamachi, tako, and spicy tuna roll.  We tried to be slow and intent about the eating but we failed....failed miserably.  Next round - the rich stuff, hotate, unagi and spider roll. We had to fight over the last piece and after that was gone, we both realized just how full we were.

On our way back home we happened upon these lovely bikes - a Republic Dutch and a Public D1 (I think.)  They looked quite happy sitting outside a lovely Italian restaurant next door to the sushi place.

The ride home was lovely! It was a cool, clear evening and there were people out walking and biking all around!. We did end up in the dark for about the last two miles and as usual we hit our favorite woops-its-dark-and-we-forgot-lights street. It's in our neighborhood just a block of a main bike route and it's always teaming with people after dark walking, biking and talking. It's a real feel good street.

AHHH!! Bike hair!


  1. thanks for the link to republic dutch--I hadn't seen them before. neat.

  2. What a lovely evening!
    I miss the "cools down after dark" Western summers.
    It's still muggy and hot here long after the sun goes down.
    Happy almost birthday too!

  3. ah what an adorable evening! thx for sharing this is super romantic <3

  4. Oh God, I love sushi! Your picture is making me want some : )