Friday, July 9, 2010

There's Somethin' to this Land Rover Legend

You know, the one where Land Rovers and bikes simply do not get along.  On my way home today I was in the quiet residential very bike friendly neighborhood where I live slowing to a stop, when I realized that the white Land Rover which was coming towards the intersection from my right was turning into my lane whilst he gabbed on his cell phone.  Instead of coming to a complete stop, I swerved out of his way almost hitting the curb.  He stopped, presumably to apologize, but NO, he jumped out and started yelling at me for not stopping at the stop sign. WHAT?!  I reacted in exactly the way I shouldn't have and launched into him with a tirade full of expletive deletededs.  It went something like this:

white land rover gabby guy - "You need to stop!" < pointing at the stop sign >
me - "Me stop? I WAS slowing to a stop! If I had stopped I'd be under your car right now and you wouldn't know because you were on your < expletive deleted > phone!"
white landrover gabby guy - "Watch your language!" 
me - "Seriously!  You want me to watch my language!?!?  You nearly killed me!"  Your car is sitting in the exact place I was stopping.  Do you see where I had to swerve to get away from you!?  There's barely any room between your car and the curb....on MY side of the road!!"
white landrover gabby guy - "You need to < expletive deleted > stop at stop signs!" < insert flipping of bird here >
me - "You need to get off your phone and stay in your own lane!"
white landrover gabby guy - "< expletive deleted > you!, < expletive deleted > "
me - "< expletive deleted > you!"

Meanwhile, these two kids in a late model Honda saw the whole thing.  They had to go around him into the opposite lane so they could go through the intersection because, again, he was in our lane!  As I biked away and was next to their car I said, "That dude almost killed me!"  And they said, "He be a < expletive deleted >!"



  1. You know, sometimes you just have to vent. We've all been there (heavy sigh).

  2. He be a < > indeed! Urgh, maddening, but at least you're okay! I'm surprised the dude jumped out of his car just to yell at you. Methinks he doth protest too much.

  3. I find people who drive Land Rovers/Range Rovers are the worst!! I hate that he was on his cell phone. Do you follow Ray LaHood's(transportation secretary) blog? He is trying very hard to reduce and bring to an end distracted driving. Good post reminding us all to assume all drives are not paying attention, Be safe on the road.

  4. sorry to hear this.
    be careful out there, rovers are mastodonts and eye sores from people that drivers because they are told and they believe a car gives them a place in this world. dont let this small dick fcuk tell you otherwise. bikes belong on the road.
    luv. m

  5. Ah man, this is the encounter you were telling me about isn't it? Yeah, what an E. D.

    (Expletive Deleted.)

  6. Yep, that would be the one Cap'n!