Sunday, July 4, 2010

Viva Le Tour!

In honor of the start of the Tour de France, and in an effort to keep posting despite the spat between my camera and mom's computer, I give you the two things Tour related that I have (both repeats - sorry):

This is Lance, of course.  You'll be shocked to hear that this picture was taken not long after he passed me.  I know, I know.  You are as shocked as I am - Me!  Passed by Lance Armstrong!  I have to believe it was only because I was going up hill and I struggle with the up-hills.

This was a find from mom's attic.  You can read the artists notes on capturing the image here.


  1. I love the exhilarated expressions in the Lance photo! And I'm sure being passed was a fluke :)

  2. ooooh great pic! I wish I coudl watch more TDF - but it is on so late at night (or should I say 'early' in the morning) that I always fall asleep :( I'll just have to make do with the highlight reel during the news :(