Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bike Flowers

Two years ago while on RAGBRAI one of our overnight hosts had the most amazing flower garden.  When I asked her about it she just laughed and said her neighbor was responsible.  Our host despised gardening and her neighbor had done everything to both yards.  So when the neighbor got home I wondered over to ask her for a tour.  After over an hour of learning about each individual plant, including a story about how several came to her, she asked for my address and promised to send me some plants and seeds.  Sure enough, about two months later I got a box containing several flower seeds and one lily start.  I'd especially admired this tiny candy lily which she got while on a bike tour several years before!  How cool that she passed along a flower that she herself got while biking!

This, along with the other flowers she sent (which aren't blooming yet), will always be known as the bike flowers. 

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  1. How nice that the neighbor would do that; enjoy the flowers!