Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where the Hipsters (and their bikes) Hang

I don't get out late too much.  Well, I suppose I could but I don't.  I have an old friend in from NYC in town and she requested a night out on the town.  We decided a drag show was in order.  The show touted to be the "best" wasn't on last night so we hit the only other show we could find. It was......  Perhaps it got better as the night rolled on but we didn't stick around to see.  We were starving and food definitely took precedence!

We hit it for some Thai food on South Broadway.  The annual Underground Music Showcase was in full swing and the streets were alive with hipsters and other music lovers.  Evidently I know a lot of hipsters and other music lovers because I ran into several friends.  We nommed on some great food, walked with the crowds, weaved in and out stacks of bikes parked everywhere and listened to some really great music.

I think the Baker and I may need to find a sitter for the evening to see my gal Suzanne's band, The Legendary River Drifters.  When I saw her last night, she reminded me of their show tonight. She *always* reminds me of her shows and I never manage to make it, mostly just because I'm old and boring.

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