Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yipee, Skippee, Swoopee Mixtee

I'm on a bike!

The new tires and grips came today so I was finally able to ride my new swoopy mixte.  After a few rounds of routine adjustments (seat, handlebars, etc.) I fell madly and deeply in love.

The tires are Panaracer Col de la Vie and I really like them.  I was considering an all cream tire but since I decided to replace the white grips (which were in bad shape) and white cables all with black, I wanted a tire with black.  They are very similar to the tires that came on the bike.

The back generator light works like a dream.  We have a replacement front light on the way and someone locally has a rack which he thinks will be perfect.  I think I'll also give her a shiny new chain. 

Now, a name.....


  1. Sylvia, shortened to Sylvie the mixtie.
    She's lovely (wipes drool off chin)

  2. Very nice looking bike. Mid 70s or older? It unusual and fun to see a Peugeot in red. She has a really stylish and distinctive chain guard, too.

    I also vote for "Sylvie".

    Corey K

  3. Wow....WOW....wowsers....SO GORGEOUS!

    I am incredibly envious. Not jealous, envious. And so excited to hear more! She looks fantastic and sooooo swoopy!!! YAY!

  4. I'm getting so many name suggestions (here and on fb) that my head is spinning! :-)

  5. The bike looks terrific! What sort of replacement headlight are you getting?

    Looking at the bike, I am thinking "Dora". I knew a flaming redhead with that name in summer camp once.

    Also, are you willing to share what sandals you are wearing? They look so pretty and it seems that the toes are protected from the pedals.

  6. So pretty! I love the pale yellow skirt and shoes with the bright red frame. Mixtes make the world a better place, for sure. Naming is always the hard part. I lucked out with my bikes by the fact that the manufacturer already gave them suitable names, so I kept those. The possibilities are overwhelming :)

  7. You are so cute!!! that bike is gorgeous :D
    Bikes and their names, it is so personal, he heee <3 iheard one ofthe guys tell another guy, "but you are planning to sell your bike, you can;t name it otherwise you become attached to it, you know like a realtionship'
    ohhh i was crackin up. bike lanes at the stop lights are the new laundry matts :D

  8. Veloria, The shoes are from Nordstom Rack - BC Footwear is the brand. They are amazingly comfy and super easy to pedal in!
    Here's a pic of just the shoes.

    I'm still contemplating the name... Got a rack today and a light is in the mail, both thanks to the cool guys in the C&V forums at Bike Forums. I love that place. I've gotten loads of help there over the last couple of years.