Friday, July 2, 2010


I'm a big fan of the food bribe and earlier this week one of my colleagues took me and another co-worker out to thank us for our flexibility.

I had the fantastic southern Vietnamese crepe again but this time I got a pic.  Not a great pic, but I think you'll get the idea and want to run to find one yourself!  A light,crispy crepe made with coconut milk and stuffed full of tofu, mushrooms and sprouts served lettuce wrap style with all the best traditional Vietnamese flavors.  Amazing!

OK, so they really aren't bribes.  I just work in one of those jobs where some practitioners are very rigid and policy oriented and I'm well, not.  While I have to put policies in place and ensure we are all following them, I'm a big fan of ensuring I can help make my colleagues lives as easy as possible while still remaining compliant.  And they appreciate it!  I'm also a big fan of taking them out to eat and buying them treats when they make my life easier. 
That's the kind of world I like to work in, one where "Thank You's!" revolve around food. :-)


  1. LOL! I am a big fan of a world where Thank Yous revolve around food... or I'm Happy... or I'm Sad... or Just Because. LOL! That crepe looks great!

  2. hungry NOW
    :D your posts are fantastic, they always make me wanna go eat, again!!