Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Fantastic Holiday Weekend

I could go on and on about how thankful I am about choosing to go home for the weekend but instead, I think I'll just post a few pics from an amazing "last trip home."  Yes, there will be more trips for the move but this is the last where my childhood home will look like it always has.  We have plans to do an annual camping trip back as a family after mom moves.  Look.....--->

My tree, planted when I was born.

The two B's raided the attic for what was left of my old toys.  We got rid of a lot on my last trip home.

$15 Peugeot mixte anyone?

Mrs. Gale at Bibbons Park

The playground is exactly the same as it was when I was growing up....and just as fun!

The Courthouse
On Saturday we had the traditional courthouse lawn BBQ after the parade.  It was perfect.

$3 glasses from the '50's.  I love them so much!

I didn't think it was possible to o.d. on the Frosty Treat.  I think I may have this past weekend.  I'm pretty sure I may have set a record for most soft serve ice cream cones eaten over the course of a weekend.

This bike shaped yard decoration was perfectly rusted!

Miniature horses!

A four day old baby.

The two B's in the parade.  B1 wore my fathers army uniform jacket and hat from WW II.

Mom and B1 - Grand Marshall of the parade!

What's a 4th of July parade with out endless antique tractors?

One of our many attacks on the Frosty Treat.  This is the Chicago contingent.

Overwhelmed by the abundance of junk food consumed on Thurs, Friday and Saturday, I had to make a fresh shrimp and pasta salad over greens for Sunday's lunch.

On the way home we took an early  morning drive through Waubonsie State Park.  We saw numerous deer and a mama turkey with about 10 little chicks.  It's a gorgeous park in the Loess Hills above the Missouri River Valley in Western Iowa.

Runza stop!  It's an I-80 across Nebraska tradition.  While the Runza Hut makes a decent runza, they're nothing compared to homemade.  With both my pregnancies I made big batches of Runzas for babymoon meals.  They freeze great!

Nebraska Firefighters Museum.  A new, small but very well done museum along I-80 in Kearney.  It's a great addition to the various ways to break up the very long drive through Nebraska!

Northeastern Colorado wind farm near Crook.
And then......

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