Sunday, July 11, 2010

The First Pie

I didn't get a chance to celebrate this occasion with a post because I was hitting the road for a ten-hour drive with the kids in tow, minus The Baker, early the next morning.  The Baker was kind enough to invite company for dinner that night.  Maude love him!  He loves to entertain even when it's not the most practical time to do so.  Somehow I managed to adapt and  have a good time, despite the stress of having to pack for three and mentally prepare for the trek.  I think it had something to do with cold beers.

Pizza number one in the oven....

Not so patiently waiting.  The pizza's cook in about two minutes.  As you can see, the oven still has some cosmetic finishes to get.  He's holding off because he's having trouble with cracking on the outer layer of the dome.  Once that problem is solved, the entire thing, brick facade aside, will be stuccoed in a light terracotta color and a copper chimney topper will be added.  We also have bricks salvaged from the old outdoor fireplace on our main patio to create a nice paved surface in front of the oven.  Right now, it's dirt/mud.  So far, the only thing we've had to buy for the oven is the fire brick (which lines only the dome, floor and top), chimney and stucco.  Everything else was salvaged from our own yard or picked up free on CL.

The Baker and a Margherita.

Simple motz with homemade tomato sauce.  This is my favorite!  I'm a sucker for cheese pizza!

He's planning a bake fest today - several pizza's, loaves of bread and muffins.  Good thing the Lovely Sunday Ride is across town.  My hips are going to need it!


  1. Oh, my mercy! I'd have to exercise eight hours a day if I had those pizzas around! They look heavenly!

  2. Holy crap that looks delicious!