Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bikey Finds

I did have some luck finding a few bikey things in the great purge!  I've mentioned the RAGBRAI banners (which I didn't take a picture of) and I also found some cute bike jewelry and a nice print of a painting of the Tour de France.  I'm thinking I might frame the print for a gift for my brother (I'm 99% certain he never reads my blog - HA!)  On the back of the print there's a nice explanation of how the artist positioned himself to capture the scene....

The Jewelry

Right in the middle of the pic you can see three bike pins.  They're nothing special but cute and fun.  I'll probably put them on Vivian's saddle bag.  The rest of the items are vintage awesomeness thanks to Mom and Grandma.  There's more, these are just the things that I opted to bring home on this trip.


  1. Is your entire family bicyclist? How cool is this stuff?!?!

  2. My mom is a casual cyclist who's not been on her bike for quite some time. She's looking forward to biking for her errands and such after the move. My brother and I both have been doing long tours and daily commute biking for 20+ years. Very off and on for me but consistenly for him. He's also an avid mountain biker. So ya, I guess you'd call us all bikey! When my father was living he was an athelete and coach but I honestly never remember him ever being on a bike. :-)