Sunday, June 13, 2010

Breakfast ala Hotel Ali - Marrakech

B1 and I have been talking a lot about our trip to Morocco.  While it's many years away the conversations always make the memories of my years traveling the country flood back.  On my first trip to Marrakech we stayed at the Hotel Ali just off the Djma el Fna.  Our travel guide said it was a favorite of backpackers who stopped in Marrakech before heading to trek in the southern Atlas mountains.  While we weren't trekking, we decided it was the place for us. It's no five star hotel, not even close.  It's a humble spot with killer rates - at the time we paid about $10/nt usd for a clean, tidy room with a bath tub.  That tub proved to be one of the best features after tromping around the boiling city all day!  If you preferred, you could rent a sleeping pad on the roof for the night for about $2 usd.  Recent reviews still sing it's praises, well aside from a few folks who really weren't up for the super economy experience.  Those reviewers probably should have just saved up for the Hotel La Mamounia.  I've traveled a fair bit and always on a budget so who knows, if I ever got a taste of uber luxury I might be hooked.  But I really, REALLY love the challenge of finding the best bargains and best secrets that you tend to discover when on a strict budget. 

Oh, who am I kidding.  I'd stay at Mamounia in a second....if someone else was paying!

 The only thing missing was AC so on our future trips there we stayed down the street at a similar spot which had AC but lacked the charm and active energy of the Hotel Ali.  In looking at recent reviews of the hotel, it seems they've added AC which can be a must in the 100+ temps of the city.

One of my favorite things about Hotel Ali was the breakfast and even when we were down the street in later years, we'd pay the few dirhams for the simple baid wo khoobz at Ali.  A simple three egg omelet, cooked to perfection in rich, sweet olive oil and served in the pan with a basket of traditional Moroccan bread.

We have a fantastic bakery only a couple of blocks away so getting a fresh baguette is quick!

We get fresh happy chicken eggs from a coworker and have an abundance of parsley in the garden.

I'm not a fan of egg yokes.  I typically make my omelets with only one full egg (to help bind things) and two egg whites.  For me it balances the flavor and its definitely healthier!

My favorite omelet pan!  It's a stainless steel and aluminum Emerilware pan that I grabbed for $7 at Ross.  It took a little time to figure out the right temperature for cooking in it, but once I did, I've had perfect omelets every time!

A little toasted baguette drizzled with olive oil and a perfect omelet!

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