Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Five Star (bike to work and other stuff) Day!

Yesterday was a good day all around!  It began with Bike to Work Day.  I've been absolutely exhausted since returning from Iowa but decided if I had it in me to get up an hour or so early, I'd go downtown before work, hang with the Bike Depot folks and check out the action.  My office is pretty much exactly half way between my house and downtown so it was a nice little extension to my morning commute....

The place was jumping.  Civic Center Park was just one of dozens of BTWD Stations through the Denver Metro and Boulder areas and if any of the other stations were even close to this one, it was a huge success. 
The Bike Depot had a booth offering repairs, recruiting volunteers and generally making people aware of our programs for bike access, education, advocacy and our full retail and service functions.  The booth was consistently crowded! 

Some staff and volunteers spreading the good news - Bikes!

Suzy's Xtracycle - She created this wonderful machine during "Fix Your Bike" shop at the Depot!  She uses it as her main mode of transportation for her maintenance business.


It was a good day at work with lots of progress made on several things.  After work I had a lovely ride home and came in the house to find a cold Sunshine Wheat waiting for me.  The Baker had successfully torn down the old, non-functional outdoor fireplace from between the old patio and the space where we're prepping to expand.   Much hard work done!  We decided to order pizza and I planned to go pick up some Fat Sully's, because it kicks butt.  I didn't think they delivered to our house.  We are just past a major street that many restaurants on the other side use as a dividing line, but gave them a call just to check.  SCORE!  They DO deliver to us.  This could be very, very dangerous!

After dinner we played with the babies and determined that life is good.


  1. Wow - I love the idea of bike to work day! Unfortunately it is about minus 3 in the mornings at the moment so I have given up the idea of commuting to work!

  2. It's a lot of fun. Some cities do a bike to work week, which I'd love to lobby for here. I wanted to ask DRCOG (the organizers) folks if they'd ever considered it but they must have had some good freebies because the booth was too crowded.

    During the winters here my personal goal was to bike on all days that the streets were clear from snow and it was above 20 farenheit. I did pretty good, I think.