Friday, June 4, 2010

Front Range / Mountain Riding Alert

This just in from Denver Front Range Cycling. Evidently the City of Black Hawk passed an ordinance last July that bans bicycles on certain streets within city limits.  The challenge is that in order to get to the ridable streets you have to take streets where riding is banned.  Now, unless you have a love for super cheesy gambling establishments, there's really no reason to go to Black Hawk.  But I know riders who often ride through BH on their mountain road rides so this info is important.

According to the report police say that they "have been instructed not to give warnings". So when you hit the city limit, you have to dismount and walk your bike about a mile down a steep hill to get to 119 & Peak to Peak highway.

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  1. Sounds like the new version of the speed trap in Erie custom designed to catch non-locals and give them a fine.