Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Little Biking, A Little Baking

First, the biking.  I got my Badger on a Penny Farthing shirt today and it is filled with the right on!  Every bike lover needs one of these from Dark Cycle Clothing on Etsy.

And in baking news, the backyard Pompeii oven is progressing along.  G has been hard at work using all salvaged materials, until today.  He had to buy special fire bricks for the cooking surface.  He had to get new bricks for the cooking surface but was able to buy used for the dome.

Building the forms for the concrete base. 

Base poured and walls built.

The large piece of stone in front was salvaged a couple of years ago from a house G was building.  They were taking a small bungalow and popping the top and in the course of that the porch was torn down.  The owner didn't want any of the materials so we got some nice big pieces of stone and enough flagstone
to do our front walk and back patio.

Laying out the cooking base.

When the oven is complete we're planning a huge backyard pizza party.  G will make the dough and it will be topping pot luck.  And beer, we'll have beer too.  I'm excited because despite the heat we'll still get homemade bread.  We have a swamp cooler in the house and it works really, really well, but not even a swampy can stand up to a hot oven on a 95 degree day.


  1. Haha i love the tshirt!
    I agree, Essaouira def makes you want to stay and relax for a week of two...we had lovely fish grilled for us and lied on the beach until we got covered in sand by the wind!!
    Went to this lovely cafe Taros for aperitif with the best sunset view...ah i really want to go back! I will post the photos soon :)
    Never made it to Fez unfortunately, it will be for next time!!

    Margaux from BORO

  2. Oh you MUST go to Fez. Book your tickets now! And stay in the medina (we didn't - and regretted it.) It is the one place in Morocco where I truly felt wholely transported to another time just by walking through the main gate to the medina, the Bab Boujloud.

    You know I might have some of my pics on CD. I might dig them out and share as I'm feeling all inspired from your blog. :-)