Friday, June 25, 2010

Bike Flair

I had these grand plans for flowers and ribbon and bows and all things lovely for Mrs. Gale but alas, life is getting in the way. So my entry for LGRAB 2's Decorate Your Bike challenge is Vivian's bag.  I'm not a big pin or sticker person but occassionally I run across something I like or someone special gives me a little token which speaks to me.  Nothing deep, it is only a pin or sticker afterall, just has to make me smile.

My dear friend Sara gave me the I heart Nerds pin along with some mix CD's that I love.  There's truly nothing like a mix tape!  I made the goofy guy pin while waiting for a haircut at my super cool salon, Big Hairy Monster. I love getting my hair cut because I never really tell Suzanne what to do and for nearly seven years I've been walking out happy.  That and she's super cool and her husband (who is awesome and looks like a shorter version of Lemmy) owns a super cool bike shop (The Track Shack) and we love to talk music and all things bikey.   They had a button maker in the waiting area for awhile.  And the penny farthing pin is from my mom's costume jewelry box.

Since I'm talking about Suzanne I should probably post some pics of her bike and the groovy carved leather seat.  Pictures really don't do it any justice at all.  It's a crazy unicorn!


  1. Flair! :-) And I like the bag. Is that a bicycle bag or a DIY?

  2. It's a DIY - purse from the thrift store. I literally have a whole box full of purses and cosmetics bags slated to become bike bags. This is the only one I've managed to use and it really didn't require much, heh heh.

  3. So cool that the bag is a DIY. It fits so perfectly behind your saddle. And the pins add just enough fun to keep it from being too serious.