Friday, June 18, 2010

One More Cyclist

My colleague in bike stuff, Dr. Eric France, is leaving today on a two month sabbatical to look at ways in which communities can increase bike ridership.   From his new blog One More Cyclist:

 My name is Dr. Eric France and I am the Chief of Population & Prevention Services for Kaiser Permanente in Denver, Colorado.  I leave tomorrow, June 17, 2010 to spend two months in Portland, Oregon where I will learn what this city has done to make it easy to ride your bike.  I will be meeting with many of the leaders in bike transportation while there and will blog on my learnings.  My goal for this sabbatical is to identify the key steps a community can take to increase bike ridership.  I hope to come back to Denver with a clearer picture of what local bike enthusiasts should be working on in order to have a meaningful impact on ridership.  (read more...)

I encourage you all to follow along.  Eric is a passionate cyclist and bicycle advocate.

I want to take a two month sabbatical to study bike stuff!!!!

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