Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's OK, Mommy will take you out for a ride and make it all better!

I slept until 8:30 yesterday morning - 8:30!!  We are totally and completely morning people in this house and anything later than 7am makes me feel like the day is wasted.  I spent the vast majority of the morning wondering why I felt so tired and lazy and at about 12:30 I laid down for nap.  I never take naps!  About an hour into the snooze a mystery loud noise shook me awake, awake with a revelation.  With the constant pouring rain all weekend long, I'd not been on my bike since Friday night!  Since I needed to make it to the bank before closing I decided to take a ride. And since I'd not been on a bike since Friday, I decided to go to the downtown branch instead of the one closest to the house. 

As I was getting Vivian out for the trip downtown I saw the Lowrider hanging there, looking so neglected and lonely.  I'd not been on her for several months, she was covered with dust, she needed some lube and both tires were flat. 

I took her down and wiped her off with a towel.  Obviously the last ride I took with her was a long one because her big handlebar touring bag was still attached and inside were the remnants of several snacks, the kind I only take when I do day long rides. Poor old thing!  I gave her new tubes, lubed her stiff joints and made a few minor brake adjustments. Perfect timing for LGRAB part 2, Perform a maintenance task - big or small!

It felt so good to be back on her!  She fits me like a dream, she's light and fast.  While I have no idea how fast I cruise on Vivian, Mrs. Gale or Irene, there's something very satisfying in watching a speedometer hit high, happy numbers!  Perhaps its because she's so light but it feels like I'm floating down the street.  I think the quick twelve mile ride was exactly what I needed to remind me how much I love to ride this little gal and inspire me to get back on for some all-day road rides in the coming weeks!  I keep trying to remember my last rides in the fall and why I didn't ride during the winter.  Denver is sunny and mild enough for the vast majority of the winter that you can easily ride all year round - just dress for changing temps! 

There were loads of people out on their bikes today.  With the sun back out after a seemingly endless barrage of rain over the weekend and into Monday, I think lots of folks had the itch.

Doesn't she look happy!

Denver's East High high school home of famous folks like Douglas Fairbanks (he actually got expelled), Hattie McDaniel, Pam Grier, Don Cheadle, Neal Cassady, three members of Earth, Wind and Fire and many, many more. 

Pedal Cars in City Park

When I got home I put the Lowrider back in her revered spot above the work stand and made her a promise not to let her sit unridden for so long again!

And then we had gins and tonics! Have I mentioned I'm on vacation?

And watched the Baker check for holes in the dome of the brick oven.  The Baker reckons it would make a good tornado shelter.  Did I mention the gins and tonics?

Then I made a round of these monster salads for dinner with fresh greens from the garden, grilled chicken rubbed with the Bakers super special bbq rub and fresh bread (from the bakery.)

Then we got the baby lovebirds out for a little human socialization.

And it was a good day.


  1. I love Don Cheadle. And I wish I was as cool as you. It's a fun life you lead! ;-)

  2. Nay, nay my friend. You are the party gal and everybody wants to be you!!!!!

  3. What a great day for biking! I am jealous! It is DARK and RAINY here today :(