Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Few Tidbits from the Heartland

My mom's chiffon formal from 1956 or 57.  It's in absolutely perfect condition.  I couldn't believe I got it on since she was such a tiny little thing.  The shoes are from her wedding in 1961.  I'll post a pic of her wedding gown soon. It is hands down, the most elegant gown I've ever seen.  I wore it when I got married the first time. (HA!).....


My first county fair blue ribbon sewing project.  I'm not sure if I should be excited  that I can fit into a dress I made in middle school or not.  I quickly progressed to be quite a talented seamstress.  Since I only sew occasionally these days my skills are extremely dull.  As I was going through all the clothing I'd made, which was saved, I was really blown away at the complexity of each item. Maybe someday I can retrain myself!

One of the many hats found in the attic and storeroom.  With each hat box opened my mother recalled the reason for purchase and the outfits she wore them with. 

Elegant young woman down on the farm.

Buttermilk pie. Oh my!

A stack of antique schoolhouse clocks in the attic.  My father restored old clocks as a hobby and these are a few which he never got to.  Our house was always ticking, tocking and chiming.

There are so many more photos of amazing finds and I can't even begin to post and tell the story of them all.


  1. That dress is amazing!!! So cool that your mom kept so much.

  2. How sweet! Though I also grew up in Iowa, my family wasn't from there, so we have no farm-homey history to go through. And while my childhood home is also full of stuff, my mom's old clothes are only saved back to the late-80s. :-( It's just as well, since she was a teeny tiny Korean girl in the earlier decades, and there's no chance I would've fit into any of her things!

  3. What's buttermillk pie? Looks TASTY!

  4. Margonaute, I knew there was something special
    about you I liked ;-)

    Hayley, Buttermilk pie is a simple custard pie I was introduced to for the first time last week. I can't express how amazing it was. This particular restaurant in my hometown served it warm with fresh whipped cream. We're planning to bake one soon - have the buttermilk and cream just waiting.

  5. oh wow what a *divine* dress!!! so cool she even has the shoes, wow what a cool thing - im all smiles.
    My mom wanted to give me this pair of crazy platforms, the only pair she had from the 70s, unfortunately my foot is about a size bigger than her - so I outgrew them when I was 16, and not interested in being girly... yet

    xxo.m <3

  6. Oh that dress is just breath-taking. Abolutely gorgeous!

  7. That chiffon dress makes me swoon it is so lovely!! I'm just catching up on my reading and you have so many fun things! Love Mrs. Gale's bouquet for the Sunday ride and her flash. Love your friend's bike seat... that unicorn is wild! Keep up the fun posts and happy riding!