Monday, June 7, 2010

City Park Jazz with Family and Friends

Last night was the first City Park Jazz concert of the season.  This Sunday evening event has been a staple in my life for over ten years but last year, we didn't make it to a single one!  I lived just across the street from the park for many years so it was as simple as walking out my back door.  Now we live a tiny bit further away and since the park is no longer our back yard, it's not such an automatic thing.

We biked to some friend's house for bread, wine and cheese then headed to the park.  It's one of those events where you typically do a picnic but our friends had some logistical issues going on so we ate at their place.

It was a bigger crowd than I've ever seen!  There must have been 3-5,000 people there...and I'll bet 50% of them biked!  This post has a load of pics and I could have taken many more.  The Denver Cruisers, a weekly booze and bikes ride that pulls in 500+ people each Weds night set up camp and that pulled in a huge cruiser crowd. 

Heading out with the family.

OK, it was supposed to be bread, cheese and WINE but it was also in the mid-90's when we left the house.  By the time I got to M&H's place all I wanted was something cold.  One of those boozy lemonades really hit the spot!

C heading to the park on her retro Stingray!

It brings back memories of my first bike - a purple Western Flyer Miss  Buzz Bike.

They're getting fast!

The Baker on his old Raleigh three-speed!

Lots of skirts on bikes!

If you're too far away to hear the band, bring your own tunes! 
You see a lot of these types of set-ups on RAGBRAI.

The Cruisers brought their own tiki bar.  I mean, why wouldn't you?

A pretty little mixte.

More Cruisers

Lots of BCycles!

Rumor had it the Bike Corral was full up and having to turn people away.

I dang near fainted when I saw this Bridgestone XO-1.  If I had ridden Vivian we would have stood right in this spot and waited for his owner to come so she could meet her big brother!

Oh ya, there was a band!

And a lovely view, as always.

Check out this old army bike!

Its head lamp!

Ridiculously cool!

A lovely couple.

I took Mrs. Gale for a spin to the beer store.

Following the parade of bikes out of the park.  Yes, it was getting dark and we didn't have lights.  I'd planned to leave a bit earlier but got caught up with all the fun of chatting with friends and running into someone I knew at every turn.  Fortunately, we have a route home from the park on a well-lit, quiet residential street that always seems to have a lot of slow bike traffic.

Anytime I'm in the park at sunset, I have to snap a shot. 

Until next Sunday!


  1. I had a purple Buzz Bike, myself, as a teenager (my third bike). Wish I still had it.

    Looks like fun. maybe I'll try to hook up with your group, sometime, and we can have an XO-2 showing!

  2. Your blog is lovely! bikes and baking, what else do we need?!
    will be back for more good recipes and bike loving :)

    Margaux from BORO

  3. Jon, Ooo, an XO brigade!

    Margaux - Thanks so much! I've browsed your blog a bit as well and really love it!