Friday, June 4, 2010

Mom and Daughter Commute

Friday is typically the day I work my way through the stack of stuff that has gathered on my desk over the course of a very busy week.  My kids know that Fridays are sometimes a good day for them to come to work for me for a few hours.  Today B2 joined me for my work commute and a little mom and daughter time. 

A pretty neighborhood mixte.

A perfect morning ride!

Mrs. Gale and Gracie Lou with a co-worker's cruiser in the bike locker at work.

We checked out the action in the park from the terrace.

It was in the 90's and a perfect day for the fountain!

The best view in Denver!


On my way home I struck up a conversation with someone at the first light.  My office is right on a major bike route so there are almost always other cyclists at this light.  I greeted him and asked if he was ready for the weekend. He, of course said yes, then asked me if I was a commuter.  I guess I didn't really look like your typical Colorado bike commuter on Mrs. Gale, in a dress and fancy shoes (I do typically wear Chucks on my bike.)  When I said yes he launched into an incredibly enthusiastic stream of how he just got a new bike a few weeks ago and has been bike commuting and HE LOVES IT!

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  1. What a beautiful ride - and what a lovely thing to do with your daughter :)