Saturday, June 19, 2010

The things! Oh my, the things!

I've been running across some very cool stuff in this process of sorting and purging, including a few bikey things.  Like the all the welcome banners from when my mother chaired the RAGBRAI overnight town committees for my home town and some fun bike jewelry.  We spread the banners all out on the lawn for one last look.   But alas, my phone won't communicate with the interwebs (we're kind of in the boonies) and my camera and the computer aren't speaking at the moment, so no pictures unfortunately.

It's been vintage clothing heaven.  A few things fit me (like a spectacular chiffon tea-length gown from the late 50's - totally Betty) and a few things don't fit so they'll be Etsy'ed eventually.  I had to throw away a very Joan navy and kelly green dress because it was too moth eaten.  I did take a couple of photos first though.  Several amazing hats!  I'm totally going to start wearing them just. because! All my prom dresses and other formal occassion dresses were there.  It was the 80's - ugh.  Several of my sewing projects over the years.  I kept one dress that was particularly complicated - inset lace, lots of buttons, a cummerbund, etc. which I'd made in junior high.  If I'm not mistaken that dress won me a blue ribbon at the Iowa State Fair.

There were also all my mom's photo albums from the 50's - college, world travel, teaching, etc.  She was so full of style!  And there were things like my kindergarten art projects and worksheets (I'm 40!!)  Yep, she saves everything.

And today there was buttermilk pie.  Oh, buttermilk pie,  I promise to make you often and I'll never, ever leave you!

It's been in the 90's, the humidity is hovering around 943% and my depression era-raised mother thinks air conditioning is for the old and weak.  Ha!  So last night I had to break down and have a nice cold Bud.  There's something about going home which demands cheap beer.


  1. LOL! I love a cold ice cold Bud! Hope you post some photos of the dress! Lots of fun finds... and, sounds like lots of work going through "stuff"!

  2. oooh would LOVE to see pics!!! they sound so wonderful!!!