Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dinner Tonight? Abalone!

My brother is a fish doctor and all around fan of things that live in the water.  So when he's not making decisions to help salmon survive and continue to thrive in this world dominated by humans, he's diving.... and running and biking and anything else he can manage to do outside. When he arrived in Denver last week he came with a small cooler of abalone which he'd gathered (legally and properly tagged, of course.)

After doing a little research the Baker set out to create a dinner from this mysterious mollusk.....

After popping the shell open.

Removing the meat and guts.

Guts removed from meat.

The foot.


Steaks pounded and ready to saute.

A beautiful shell!

Dinner - We pan fried the abalone, unbreaded, in some butter and garlic and served with steamed broccoli and a garlic cream sauce over linguine.  So rich and incredibly delicious!! I'd most closely compare it to the flavor of scallops but much richer.  It's also quite tough.  Before cooking you have to tenderize and be very careful not to over cook.  My brother told us he typically eats his raw, 'cause he's cool like that. We still have two steaks from this monster and will be having it for lunch tomorrow. 
I bet I'll be the only person in the office having abalone for lunch.  If you ever have an opportunity to have ocean fresh (not farmed), prepared at home abalone, do it!!

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  1. Cool! I'd love to have been able to sneak a taste of that! I've never even seen abalone available to eat, but I have long admired their shells!