Monday, June 14, 2010

That's One Fine Glass of Wine Baby!

The Baker has had one of the worst trips on record. He went to Eugene for his daughter's high school graduation. After the driver's license incident and headaches which resulted far into the night from that - the inn had no rooms x's 262 - it was a weekend full of ridiculous inconveniences topped off by what transpired today. He caught the train to Portland and thanks to a drawbridge on "up" and the MAX stopping at every. single. stop between downtown and the airport he missed his flight. That sucks but oh well, there's another flight via Seattle in an hour.
The Baker heads to new gate where a flight is boarding. "That flight will board after this one, sir." Baker sits down at gate. New flight boarding and the Baker checks in. "I'm sorry sir, that flight just left." The Baker heads to the bar.....

The Baker sits down next to a couple at the bar and starts looking at the wine list.  Once the bartender talks him into buying a bottle he is introduced to Joel Gott...and since he's now chatting with  Joel Gott he buys a Joel Gott 2008 Cab Sav, on recommendation of said Joel Gott.

The Baker drank one glass and brought the rest home. We're it drinking now.  And it's good.

Meanwhile, a Mile High....

I got to thrift again today, by myself.  Happy times.  The loot is below, both days.  All total it was right around $60.

I already posted yesterday's score details.  Today I added:
  • Another couch blanket
  • Shorts for B1
  • Pink Chucks for B2 
  • Two mini-messenger bags
  • Cotton knit dress - navy and cream
  • Grey pencil skirt, with stretch!
  • T for the Baker
  • Yellow rain slicker so I don't have to wear my winter rain/snow coat in the spring/summer rain any more.
After thrifting I gathered my children, then got rid of one of them again, and made a simple dinner of ramen and green beans.

The green beans had to be eaten lest they become vermicompost food in a day or two.  I sauted them with a little red onion, garlic and pine nuts.  The ramen is simple five for a buck ramen and it's all topped with a healthy dose of Sriracha
Perfect for what is still a very chilly day - although the sun did finally decide to shine.

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  1. oh no - sorry to hear about the Baker's airport disaster...that wine sounds nice though!