Friday, June 25, 2010

Microburst Anyone?

A powerful microburst ran through on my commute home today. I wasn't even half way home and the wind was picking up just a tad.  It was cloudy but still very hot so initially it just felt good.  Then, to the east about five blocks all I could see was a wall of dust.  As I moved closer the force of the wind along with the debris flying around made it impossible to continue pedaling.  It was clear it was localized but I wasn't sure just how big it was.  I was definitely in the middle of the thing.  I rounded a corner to try and seek shelter and a medium sized tree fell in front of me, onto the sidewalk and someone's yard rather than the street thankfully!  At nearly the same time, large branches from several other trees fell.  It was gone almost as quickly as it came.  The rest of the way home was littered with branches and twigs and bewildered neighborhood folks.

From one of our local 9-News:
DENVER - An apparent microburst caused damage and some close calls across the metro area on Friday afternoon, bringing down trees and power lines in a sudden gust of high winds.


  1. Holy cow, you could have come out poorly on the other end of that. Glad you're okay!

  2. It was crazy. As I approached it, there were moments that I thought a tornado was forming but the conditions just weren't really tornadic looking enough (I love the word tornadic!).