Monday, May 31, 2010

The Day Could Not Have Been Better!

Started out with a little bike ride. 

With B1 bein' all tricky 'n stuff.

I stopped to pull all the little tabs off Irene's new tires. 
They were rubbing on the fenders and driving me nuts.

Oh, it wasn't the tabs, it was the fender rubbing on the actual tire.  Fortunately it just needed some adjustment where it attaches to the wheel.  A simple trail side repair.  I could still hear those tabs....

Look!  Friends coming for a little afternoon food and music!

I found the spoke bracelet I got on RAGBRAI in '08!

While we were out G did some more work on the Pompeii oven.  It's now ready for the top concrete slab.

It was time for gins and tonics and Squirt!

G's slow smoked ribs with his super extra special secret rub.

LUNCH!  Starting from the top:
Nutty Spinach Salad
Cabbage and Kale Slaw
Fresh Fruit Salad
Brat n Kraut

The rest of the afternoon was spent laying in the shade chatting with friends and listening to music.  Perfection!

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