Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My House is for Sale!

Not my house really, just my favoritist house in the whole neighborhood.  I live in a neighborhood that is arguably, one of the most beautiful in the city.  We live in the not as beautiful part, but still bordering cute.  I try and meander through the neighborhood on my commute many days and today I just happened to ride by my house.  It's definitely not the most charming or beautiful home in the neighborhood - both those would be very hard contests to judge.  But there's something about this place that has always caught my eye.  It was super overcast and cold this morning, thus the dark blueish photos.

See, Vivian looks right at home! It's a beautiful Spanish style house on a heavily tree-lined street (all the streets are heavily tree-lined fortunately.)    It has what I imagine to be beautiful, private courtyards on the side and in back.  I rode round back to see what I could see.  I'm pretty sure the house is empty but I didn't think it would be a great idea to climb the fence, so I didn't get to look into the back yard.  BUT, I did find these in the alley. 
 Last summer, or the summer before, I remember hearing about a neighborhood alley art contest but we've never ventured around to see what folks created.  Here are a couple of funky works.

This one might be behind my house, it was hard to tell where the property line sits from the back.

I think this one probably had a tweenager in on the design.  All the posters and photos in the various frames were of pop culture icons.

When I got to the office I looked up the listing and in addition to being a little (HA!) out of my price range, it's under contract.  That and it's over 4,000 sq feet and how would I be able to stay up on my small-house-living high horse in a house that big? (I'll try and spare you all from any rants on big houses...maybe.)  Still, for the right big house, ya, I'd probably do it. I'd get rid of all my cars, set up more compost heaps, heat with solar, wind and love in order to justify it.

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  1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who does this! I had a house when I was a teen. Used to go on walks just to see her. Beautiful mansion in the Highlands. Now I'm going to have to drive over there to see it again. It's been several years.