Sunday, May 9, 2010

This Mom's Day

I woke to a bed full of smiling children, a hot cup of Cafe Mam Tango Blend (coffee nirvana), a loving mother who made a suprise visit from the heartland, two dozen roses and lots and lots of love. 

We spent the morning being exceptionally lazy and then decided to make a mother's day trek to the Botanic Gardens.  We had to drive because of time constraints (and grandma's knees.)  The parking lot was bursting at the seams, the line was around the corner and we didn't have much time so we ended up having to skip it. 

Our trip wasn't a total waste though, it was fantastic to see several people picking up and dropping off bikes at the new Bcycle station at the Gardens!  All the way from the Gardens back to the house there were bikes everywhere.  Spring may have actually sprung!

Don't tell my family unit I told you this, but I'm now enjoying the best mother's day present of all....two hours of total silence as G and the 2Bs take grandma to meet her ride back to the heartland.  I'm going to skip my Sunday run and unload a pickup full of bricks that G got this morning to build his outdoor wood-fired oven.  More on that from G at a later time.

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