Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random Pics from Our Kitchen

This is how to eat cheapo ramen - with fresh kale from our garden and some super spicy asian garlic chili paste made from the garden chili's below.

Warm challah with fresh butter!

Fresh tomatoes and basil from our garden, homemade baguette, fresh motz, kalmata olive oil and really old balsamic....and a Skinny Dip.

Bacon and garden radish sandwich.  Nom!

Simple and divine!

Testing out the new Weber - grilled chicken with G's super secret extra special fantabulous rub, cabbage and kale slaw and a Red Stripe - Yay beer!

Monday's chic pea curry. If you've never added a little cream to your chic pea curry, do eet!

Langoustines et pommes frites!  We steamed them then threw them over a hardwood fire for just a bit.  The smokiness was divine! The homemade fries were perfectly crispy and even better when dipped in the melted herb butter. There was a mix up on our order and we ended up with an extra crustacean so the next day we had lobster rolls!

Nomnomnom, pizza!

Nomnomnom, baguette!


  1. I wanna live at your house.

  2. You already have garden tomatoes?!?
    Jeez, even when I lived in utah, we didn't get our first tomatoes until the very end of June or more likely July.

    And I like the idea of adding kale to slaw- you blanch it first?
    We eat a lot of cabbage slaw of different persuasions, but I always struggle a bit with Kale. I'm most successful adding it to indian spiced dishes.

  3. The caprese was from last summer. Should have noted that :-). We actually tried to grow a tomato plant indoors this winter and it looked great until it started to flower, then something went wrong with the nutrient mix and we never got any fruit. We did have luck with salad greens indoors though!

    I've been adding kale and other greens to everything lately and actually eating it raw in salads. It's very good and not tough and bitter like I expected! I've planted two types of kale, mustard greens and two types of chard but it's all still quite young. So far we're only harvesting spinach, radishes and various lettuces.