Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oi! The Garage

We really need to figure out a storage system for our bikes.  We have this tiny little garage, so small that I'm not sure either of our cars (a minivan and a small pickup) would even fit - not that we've ever tried.  The garage is filled with the typical things most homeowners keep around however, we're dedicated to small house living and as a result we try very, very hard not to accumulate too much stuff. Bikes are our main exception.

Last fall G built us a nice workbench in the garage.  This was incredibly helpful in organizing all the bike stuff, as well as other random small tools.

We have shelving systems and bins and hooks and all the right tools for organization, but because of the number of bikes and amount of bike stuff, it's still just ridiculously full.  Occasionally we pull them all out and attempt to reorganize, but the problem is never truly solved.  The pic below is actually missing a couple of  bikes which were being ridden at the time.  I'm not sure it's a problem I really want to solve.


  1. I dream of having a garage where I can store multiple bikes. In my dream garage there is vertical storage so it's easy to get to each bike, a bit like the system at Bikes Not Bombs:

  2. That's how we have our bike room set up at work and it's great! I think we're going to ultimately put hooks in the ceiling in the garage...or something!